About Priscilla

Welcome to the Basics with Priscilla.


I have a Passion for You Moms, and I Believe:





YOU can SAY NO and mean it

YOU can say YES A LOT







Wisdom, Tools, and Inspiration to Create YOUR Own Great Family.


My goal is to give you Wisdom, Tools, and Inspiration to Create YOUR own great, incredible family. Tapping into any and all of what I share will give you The Basics to stylize your own family foundations and traditions creating a Family that will last for a lifetime.


I want to give to you keys that will add more value, strength, and love in building your own family. When I was raising my little girls, I had about ten books that I could glean a great amount of wisdom or ideas from on discipline, health, and marriage.



So What is the Basics with Priscilla?


Its ALL about Creating Great Families ONE MOM at a time!


With the World Wide Web, FB, Twitter, and Instagram, etcetera, throwing suggestions, information, and some not so “good advice” it takes a Star Wars Light Saber to conquer all that is coming towards you at the speed of light.


First thing you need is a Sense of Humor, if you don’t have one then you need to find one, along with a Vision, a Plan, and a whole lot of determination, NOT to follow or get confused with every plan out there, (sort of like finding the best weight loss plan)…as you are questioning yourself, “Is this the right one for me???”


I am committed to encouraging MOMs to be the best that they can be as still have energy to tell about it.

YOU can work out, make healthy foods for your family, find doctors who actually want to heal your families’ bodies, get your children to eat veggies, wear lingerie to bed, take a hot shower, travel with and without your children, homeschool if you wish, join the PTA, be at your children’s events, Facebook your friends, serve at your church or favorite charity, and yes, even have a glass of champagne.


Basics with Priscilla


The Basics with Priscilla will give you the inside scoop on what is tried and true for your families keeping it simple and BASIC!!!!


The Basics with Priscilla will also keep you informed through a “family” forum of all the latest and greatest products and information to help your motherhood be the best it can be.




Whatever the Choices, the Basics is Here to Help!


There is a plan for each and every one of you moms. Some of you moms want a career or need to have a career. Some of you want and choose to be a full-time wife and mother. Some of you moms choose public or private education, some moms choose homeschooling… Whatever the choices, the Basics is here to help, inspire, and see you through.


I believe you can do anything and be the greatest Wife, Lover, Mom, Friend, or Daughter-in-Law. You can grow in your Character and your Spiritual self. I believe in you Moms, and I believe you ALL have an innate desire to have the best families and marriages ever. I want you ALL to thrive in your family life and to be confident in the world around you.

Priscilla Jordan

For the last 28 years I have been a wife, a mom for over a quarter of a century, and a friend to my girlfriends for over 4 decades. I am now 52, and thankful for my marriage, my family, and my friendships through thick and thin.


I have “been there” “done that” and repeated it over and over again. I survived the Black Forest experience (more in my upcoming book “Frozen in the Forest”), survived an illness that I was desperate to be healed from, I traveled in a motor home with my family for a year across the Grand Ole’ US of A, I have designed a lot of Interiors, Events & Weddings, cooked for thousands of people, I dance, lip sync, and listen to Christmas from July through December, and as the King of Siam from the “King and I” so eloquently says, “Etcetera, Etcetera, Etcetera…”.


Through my Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter posts, podcasts, books, seminars, videos, webinars, and private coaching sessions, YOU not only will you learn from me and what I did, you’ll also have access to other great moms who have created great families, those who are in the mists of motherhood, doctors, nutritionists, fashion stylists, interior decorators and designers, chefs, and even those that have experienced the good, the bad, and the ever so ugly, including me.


I would love to to be a part of your fabulous adventure!

– Priscilla




About My Past.


When I was young, I had it in my mind that I was never getting married and, of course, NEVER having children. Born in “It never rains in Southern California,” where anything can happen, I wanted to travel the Big Wide World and dive right into the International Travel Business right out of college and write about my adventures. I even took a few trips: the Virgin Islands, the Love Boat Cruise to the Mexican Rivera… all on my own. This, of course, was just a twinkle in my eye of the greater adventures I had imagined for Me, Myself, and I. The thought of a family life never occurred to me.


Well, the forces of nature that be (aka God), had quite a different plan for me.


Literally, causing a 7.0+ earthquake in my personal life #rockedmyworld. Around age 20, I met a young man who was then 22… does 22 even qualify as a young man? (Well, not if they are dating my daughters).


So, let’s say “guy.” So this guy came along simply out of nowhere, with piercing sky blue eyes, not the sky above the heart of Los Angeles, more like Hawaii and Colorado blue touched with the Caribbean ocean.


Bart and Priscilla Jordan in town.

To make a long story short for this about page, I #ranlikewildfire as his intent for me was to be his and his alone. After a series of events and being friends for over a 3 year period of time, God began to mold and shape (God calls it “refining”) my heart and then one night in a BELIEVE IT OR NOT moment of what was suppose to be a “simple greeting kiss,” turned into me “not leaving on the next jet plane out of town.”


Yes, girls, the raising of the foot and all. I was so stunned I couldn’t talk much that whole night at a party my girlfriend and I were hosting, which is totally NOT me. #majorpartygirl!!!


This experience was not something I took lightly. I now know that I never wanted the seriousness of marriage because I didn’t believe in fairy tales and especially not “true love’s kiss.” I even tried to shake him off and convince him to not want to date me.


That wasn’t working so well, so, Finally, I pulled the “Jesus card” and told him this was the road I was going down, I wanted to follow Jesus, thinking he’d run the other way. Well, was I wrong, he wanted to “check it out”. Near speechlessness, again, we went to church. God, apparently, had another plan that was pretty much written in stone, like the 10 commandments, I just didn’t know it yet.


Pushing fast forward, one year later we were getting engaged, (that ends up being a whole chapter in my book). I said “yes” with some strong stipulations.


  1. We had to go to marriage counseling (because I wasn’t walking down any aisle if the compatibility test didn’t match up #runawaybridetobe. Also, I insisted on counseling individually because I had been exposed to some #crazystuff growing up.
  2. We absolutely had to follow God’s plan for marriage (this I totally made up, because at that moment, I didn’t even know there was a plan)
  3. We had to read and listen to anything that was worthy about marriage.
  4. I could only commit to the remote possibility of having one child. #notveryromantic


Well, I made it down the aisle. Now what? Well, with another 10 to 15 books and a gazillion tape cassettes and sermons later, we now have been blessed with 28 years of #maritalbliss LOL!!! No seriously, 28 years of a loving marriage and 3 beautiful #insideandout daughters.