Creating Great Families One Mom at a Time

As a mom of three, I want to help you with whatever stage of life you are going through with your children. Let’s tackle the terrible twos and all the stress of momhood together. Follow me if you could use some simple tips to help you through motherhood and marriage, so that you can be happy and handle whatever life throws your way like the #MOMBOSS that you are!


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Families are Made with Hard Work

Let me Help You with my Experience. I will work with Your Family to make it Easy Work for You.

Happy Moms

“Priscilla has had a great influence in my journey through motherhood. I have learned to look at my children and see their entire character, and that those portions of it which may be “challenging” are the portions that can be molded and shaped. I’ve learned to see my children’s hearts and to work on their heart issues with them. I have implemented Priscilla’s advice to teach my children how to be a pleasure to society…. they don’t HAVE to be tantrum throwers. They can say hello and participate in conversations with adults. We can change the stereotype young children have if we work on their hearts and develop their sense of otherness at the beginning. Life is definitely not perfect, but the knowledge I have gained as a follower of the Basics with Priscilla has been a great aide to me in raising my kids to be the kind and thoughtful children they are meant to be.”

Jaclyn Hubler