Most often, the first step in a couple’s attraction to one another is passion.

So what exactly is passion?

Passion is powerful. Passion is a compelling emotion or feeling. Passion can be a feeling of love just as Passion can be a feeling of hate. Passion can be what drives us to accomplish things with enthusiastic energy.

Amorous passion is the passion that caused you to be attracted to your man. That passion wasn’t just a strong physical desire it was also an emotional needed attraction to or for the man and who he is, his character as well as his good physique and how he interacted with you.

But how do we reignite the flame that seems to have gone out over the years?


With the crazy busy cares of everyday life when you barley have time to remember to breathe, we can loose sight of the desire for passion, sometimes forgetting all about it.

I would like to encourage you MOM to first of all…Breathe!

Yes, I know that sounds simple but sometimes taking a few moments to take a few deep breaths can help to slow the tick-tock of the clock.

While you are taking some deep breaths allow yourself to think about the man you married and those first few months of dating. How he looked, how he dressed, the smell of his date night cologne, his smile, but most of all his character.

3 Tips to Reignite the Passion


Remember what the feeling was that first attracted you to your man. I remember when working at a restaurant and Bart walked in with a new do, a fitted red sweater, 501s and cowboy boots. Cha ching. I definitely did a double take.

2. Appreciation

Name 5 things that describe his character.

For example:

-He’s kind

-He’s thoughtful

-He’s passionate

-He’s giving

-He’s respectful

Other examples – Honest, Responsible, Humble, Compassionate, Fair, Integrity, Generous, Optimistic, Reliable, Loving, Self-disciplined, etc.

3. Take time

Squeeze out time to just connect. My husband and I used to do “Couch Time” when our girls were little. We taught our girls that when it was “Couch Time” or “Husband and Wife Time” that they could be in the same room playing quietly, but they could not interrupt us, teaching them the value of the husband and wife relationship.

In order not to exasperate them, we kept the time to about 15 minutes. These were moments to connect and listen (not to talk about stressful things).

After I implemented these steps into my daily routine (especially when I was NOT feeling passionate), it reminded me my husband’s qualities I fell in love with. Yes, he is quite handsome, but it is his character that I find most attractive.