There are many elements that make up a marriage. All of them are easy and natural in the beginning of a relationship. That energetic zest in the beginning of a new relationship sparks endorphins in our brains that flow through our whole body, giving us energy and a sense of well being. Passion is at an all time high and romancing your love is as natural as breathing.

As the relationship evolves, a sense of stability settles in and creates a comfort zone that couples mold into, but that can actually cause disconnection along the way. Work, stress, commitments, children, care of elderly parents, and just plain life puts a chasm between Passion & Romance in a couple’s relationship.

So what is a Girl to do?

Juggling work, household chores, traveling, volunteering at the school’s bake sale, changing diapers, wiping noses, making (or ordering) dinner, and getting ready for a date with my …What’s his name? OH Yeah, Husband!

Well, Mom…

RUN!!!!! LOL!

(Obviously, that is not a choice. Yet, I know how you could consider that).

Over the next week, I will be giving some helpful and thought provoking tips to help you remember who you are, a WIFE, and that you married a man who said “I DO” to you.

I have been in love with my husband for 36 years, 32 years of it has been martial bliss (again, LOL)! So, come along and I pray that you will be blessed!!!