1. Pipe Cleaner Sculpture


This is a simple and creative way to entertain your toddler. All you need are some
pipe cleaners and a strainer. Your little one can create a garden or a monster, and
you can quiz them on their colors.

2. Craft Stick Macaroni Penguin

For your penguin lover, this craft is easier than it looks. It requires craft sticks,
paint, glue, felt (or yellow paper for the hair), and newspaper.
Add googely eyes for extra fun!

3. Hungry Cat

 Via ChickLink

“Put a few buttons in a ziplock bag, add some hair gel, draw a circle
on the back of the bag, and tape it to the window. […] It’s great for development of
motor skills for those little fingers! I also drew eyes and a nose of a cat, to make it
look like he’s eating the buttons.”

4. Hammer Time

Via TheLeanGreenBean

This is a great motor skill activity! Just poke some holes in a cardboard box, put in
golf tees, and let them hammer them down. Teach them how to
pull the tees up again too!

5. Toilet Roll Bird Feeder

Via ICanTeachMyChild

A Bird Feeder is a great activity to make sure your child spends sometime outdoors
and away from the tablet. All you need is an empty toilet roll, peanut butter, and
bird seed and just hang it on a nearby tree.
Spend the afternoon together birdwatching.

6. Sticker Sort

Via BusyToddler

Sticker Sorting accesses basic math and analytical skills in children. This is a fantastic
brain teaser and fun activity for your toddler! Simply, match the dot stickers
with the correct colored paper sheet.

7. Road Rally

Via MillionWaystoMother

Toddlers are entertained by hotwheels, and they like to drive them
all over the house (including where you are walking). Creating a racing track
with painter’s tape, keeps them in one room, and changing it up continues to
engage them for longer amounts of time.

8. Tickle Game for Toddlers

Via ChickLink

“This is a very fun game to play with a toddler. Hide a feather underneath one of the
wipes’ pack flip lids attached to a board and encourage your toddler to look for it.
Once the feather is found, use it to tickle your toddler with it.”

9. Window Finger Painting

Via TheLeanGreenBean

Say goodbye to the mess! This is a clean, fun activity to challenge your little one with.
Ask them to draw letters and numbers too. Just put some paint in a ziplock and tape
on the window to your toddler’s height.

10. Sticker Line Up

Via BusyToddler

This cognitive exercise stimulates your toddler’s brain as he concentrates lining up
stickers with the given pattern. Give your child a coloring book sheet or simply
draw a fun pattern for him to practice on.